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SL No Description Publish Date Download
13 Regarding RFQ Notice Cancel 07/09/2019
12 RFQ Notice For Purchase Fogger Machine 28/08/2019
11 Nilam notice for Packing Wood 21/08/2019
10 RFQ Notice For Purchase Computer, Printer and UPS 23/07/2019
09 RFQ Notice for Furniture. 10/06/2019
08 RFQ Notice for Umbrella, Bag & Raincoat. 10/06/2019
07 Nilam Notice Hardware and Meter 30/05/2019  
06 RFQ For Bill Form 06/05/2019
05 RFQ For Stationary Goods 05/05/2019
04 Nilam Notice for Computer, UPS, Printer, CCTV Camera and others 04/05/2019
03 OTM for Purchase Single Phase Electronic Meter 20/04/2019
02 RFQ For Purchase Computer, UPS and Dot Matrix Printer 14/03/2019
01 RFQ For Data Connectivity HQ, MPBS-2 14/03/2019

Single Phase Electronic Meter Purchase OTM

Single Phase Electronic Meter Purchase OTM

RFQ For  Air Cooler Parts Purchase Notice

Single Phase Electronic Meter Purchase OTM

AC Compressure Purchase RFQ



Nilam Notice

RFQ for Protection Wall Re-Notice

RFQ for Protection Wall

Hardware Item Nilam

RFQ For Tyre & Tube

Notice For Tender Jibon Bima

Tender Notice For RFQ

Notice For OTM Daily Zugantor 28.06.2018 

RFQ Transport Bima

Notice For Buying  Insulator

Pachick Wood Nilam

Substation Earth Filling RFQ

Dot Printer & CCTV Camera Purchase RFQ

Computerised Electric Form Purchase RFQ

Ambrella, Office Bag and Rain Coat Purchase RFQ

Condem RFQ

11 kv disconnectio switch purchase RFQ

GPS Reciever Purchase RFQ

Digital Scroll Board Purchase RFQ

GPS Reciever Purchase RFQ

Recruite Local electrical consultant  tender

Decoration for 21th AGM 


LED Touch Screen Monitor RFQ

Pickup Car Maintenence RFQ

Annual Report RFQ

Motor Cycle Maintenence RFQ

Vichle Insurance RFQ

Notice For Printing Item Purchase

RFQ Tender Notice

RFQ Tender Notice

RFQ Tender Notice

Online UPS Supply Tender Notice

Tender Notice of Right of Way

Numerical Relay for 33 kv Brekar purchase RFQ

House Wiring Material Purchase RFQ

House Wiring Material Purchase RFQ

11 kv Breaker Vacuam Interupter Purchase RFQ

Computerised Electric Bill Form Purchase RFQ

Steel File Rack Purchase RFQ

Pickup Car Maintenence RFQ

Computerized Electric Form, Hardware Item, Printing & Stationary Item Purchase Tender

Nilam Advertisement

Curtain Purchase for VIP Resthouse

Aircooler Purchase RFQ

Vichecle Insurance RFQ

Steel Furniture Purchase RFQ

Lineman Tools Purchase RFQ

Building Weater coate RFQ

Wooden Furniture Purchase RFQ