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Rules For Connection

Feasibility Fee for New Connection Application:

Application has to be submitted in Member Service Division with Feasibility Fee as follows:

Description of Service Consumer No. Application/Feasibility Fee
Dommestic/Commercial/Charitable Institute/ Street Light 01 to 09 Consumer Tk.100/- (per person)
10 to 20 Consumer Tk.1,500/- (fixed)
21 and above Tk.2,000/- (fixed)
DTW / STW / LLP Each Tk.250/- (fixed)
Any type of Temporary/Provisional Connection Each Tk.1,500/-
Any Temporary/Provisional Connection other than specified above or Industry Each Tk.1,500/-
Pole Transfer/Line Route Change or Transfer of Other Consumers Service Drop Installed by PBS Each Tk.500/-
Connection for Industry (GP) Each Tk.2,500/-
Connection for Large Industry (LP) Each Tk.5,000/-
Load Extension Upto 0-10 KW Tk.1,000/-
Upto 11-45 KW Tk.2,000/-
46 KW and Above Tk.5,000/-

Security Deposit :

Load Description Deposit Rate (Tk.)
Dommestic / Commercial / Charitable Institute / Street Light 01 to 09 Consumer
10 to 20 Consumer Tk.1,500/- (fixed)
10 to 20 Consumer Tk.1,500/- (fixed)
10 to 20 Consumer Tk.1,500/- (fixed)

* After completing the procedure, connection will be established by Consumer Meter Order (CMO). Service Drop Cable, Meter and other necessary equipments required for connection will be provided by the PBS at free of cost.

Connection Procedure for Dommestic/Commercial/CI Consumer under Servcie Drop (100 feet) :

Application has to be submitted with 2 (two) copy passport size photograph and Feasibility Fee. After completion of the feasiblity study and approval by the Member Service Department, consumer has to be complete wiring at his own expenses by the PBS approved electrician. Finally after depositing the required fees and security deposit, connection will be established.

Rules for Extension of Single Pole:

There are provisions of extension of a single pole from existing distribution line of PBS to connect minimum 2 consumers upon sanction of materials by the authority.

Line Construction under Master Plan :

Electric Line will be constructed according to priority serial and yearly sanction of the Master Plan. The minimum qualifying revenue for per year is Tk.45,000/= (forty five thousand) per kilometer. Priority will be given to more revenue income comparison to line construction.

Rules of Connection under Deposit Work (Self Finance) :

If any line construction does not fulfill the minimum qualifying revenue and/or not under priority serial, but can fulfill at least 50% qualifying revenue, consumer can apply for the line construction under self financed deposit work. But, the mileage should be approved before by the authority.

Rules for Irrigation Connection :

01. Apllication should be submitted in prescribed form with 2 (two) copies passport size photograph alongwith Tk.250/= (two hundred fifty) Feasibility Fee;

02. If the distance is nore than 100 feet from the distribution line, additional payment must be pay by theconsumer for the extra temporary line construction cost. Extra temporary line will be constructed, if itsfulfill the minimum qualifying revenue and is within technically accepted distance;

03. Season will be calculated 5 months for the STW/LLP Consumer and 8 months for the DTW Consumer;

Rules for Industrial Connection :

One Point Service :

One Point Service is provided for the consumers from PBS Head Office and all Zonal Offices. One Officer/Employee is under continous duty at the One Point Service Department to receive the complains from the consumers and conduct the liasion with the other department to resolve the problem & accordingly inform the consumer.

Power Factor Measurement :

At the meter end of inductive load consumers (like Industrial Consumer over 10HP Load & Motor used by Irrigation Consumer), the Power Factor shall be minimum 95% lagging, otherwise penalty shall be imposed as per Rate Schedule of the PBS. This penalty is meant to encourage the consumer to install necessary capacitors to improve the Power Factor which will benefit both the consumer and the PBS in many ways.

Connection Disconnection & Re-connection Fee :

Type Description Disconnection Fee Re-connection Fee
D, CI Dommestic, Charitable Institute Tk.100/= Tk.50/=
DOS Commercial Tk.150/= Tk.75/=
S.L Street Light Tk.100/= Tk.100/=
Irrigation A) For Single Phase Connection Tk.100/= Tk.100/=
B) For Three Phase Connection Tk.200/= Tk.200/=
GP, LP Three Phase Connection a) Single Phase Connection Tk.200/= Tk.200/=
b) Upto 10 KVA Tk.200/= Tk.200/=
c) 11 KVA upto 45 KVA Tk.500/= Tk.500/=
d) 46 KVA upto 75 KVA Tk.750/= Tk.750/=
e) 76 KVA upto 150 KVA Tk.1,000/= Tk.1,000/=
f) 151 KVA and Above Tk.1,500/= Tk.1,500/=

Meter Testing Fee :

Tariff Type Description Testing Fee


Domestic, Commercial, CI, Street Light

a) Single Phase Connection Tk.100/=
b) Three Phase Connection Tk.200/=



a) Single Phase Connection Tk.200/=
b) Three Phase Connection Tk.400/=




a) Single Phase Connection Tk.200/=
b) Three Phase (without Demand) Tk.400/=
c) Three Phase (with Demand) Tk.1,000/=


Large Industry (with Demand) Tk.1,000/=

Side Connection Penalty :

The consumer is not permitted to resale energy or to use the energy from his own metered service for others by Side Connection under any circumstances. The use of an extension cord or any other unapproved wiring to serve any premises other than the consumers metered, inspected and approved place, shall cause immediate disconnection and the assessment of the following penalty as applicable:

Side Connection provided to electricity use by Domestic or Charitable Institute, penalty imposed for Each Connection Tk.250/=
Side Connection provided to electricity use by Commercial user, penalty imposed for Each Connection Tk.500/=
Side Connection provided to electricity use by Irrigation user, penalty imposed for Each Connection Tk.1,500/=
Side Connection provided to electricity use by GP or LP user, penalty imposed for Each Connection Tk.3,000/=